Surface Users can Now Enjoy Better Battery Life by Doing a Downgrade to Windows 10 S

June 20, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft is letting its Surface Laptop buyers to make a worthy switchback. The company has announced that Surface Laptop owners who have upgraded to the Windows 10 Pro version will now be able to revert their devices to the initial OS, i.e. the Windows 10 S edition.

Surface Laptop was launched with Windows 10 S edition onboard to primarily crack down the consumption of battery by reducing the resource usage. Windows 10 S is rather a lite version of Windows 10 that brought in the capabilities of better battery consumption for the Microsoft flagship laptop.

However, there was a catch. The benefits of enjoying better life came at the cost of sacrificing apps and games that weren’t available on the Windows Store. It was for this matter that Microsoft enabled a free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for the users until the end of this year.

But not everyone who have made the jump would love to see their batteries getting drained much quicker. And it’s for those users that Microsoft is ow facilitating the revert option, and we believe there would be many ready to sacrifice better power for better battery life.

The process of reversal is though not as easy as getting the Windows 10 S upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, which got the entire upgrade done in under a minute. Besides, users will also have to wipe their entire machine if to go back and it have to be done using the special software restore images that are being produced for Surface laptops through the Surface site.

It needs to be seen whether there will be any less complicated mode of reversal made available in the future. But for now, users preferring a ‘downgrade’ will have to go through this small hassle to get their devices in its original state.

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