Google is Letting You Go Personal Right from the Search Engine

May 29, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google is a universal search engine that can search anything on web. Now, we all know that. But how about having Google search more deeply by stretching its hands inside what’s personal? That’s what Google will be from now on.

The search engine has now added a new Personal Tab along with the search results, and these would include results from the searches made on your Gmail account and Photos library.

Working in tandem with the existing Maps, News and Images tabs, the Personal tab will put up results from your Google account instead of pulling out things from across the web.

Info will be fetched from various Google services including mail, Google+, calendar, Photos etc. from the accounts of the signed-in user. Option to skip the search is also available. By default, you won’t be able to see personal results as these aren’t part of the prime tabs by default. This can be done by simply accessing the ‘More’ option and scrolling down to the bottom.

Personal searches are available both on web version as well as mobile version of Google. Clicking on the result will instantly pop up the details and clicking through will take you to the respective service. Say you have clicked an image and this will instantly open the image, while you will be also be given the option to watch it on Google Photos.

The service will be available on web as well as mobile web, though the mobile version hasn’t yet shown up the feature. Google hasn’t revealed when exactly the app version would be welcoming the Personal tab.

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