DJI Spark Makes Drone Control a Child’s Play using Hand Gestures

May 26, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chinese manufacturer DJI is piloting the drone segment with its affordable and efficient drones for quite a time. But one thing even DJI has failed to facilitate was the easiness of its operation. Even the latest Mavic Pro, the smallest at its time of launch, required some strenuous effort and time from users to get acquainted with.  But that hasn’t stopped the manufacturers from pulling another one from their basket, and the result is a much simpler drone that can be controlled easily with your hands.

The latest entry is called Spark, and it also replaces the Mavic Pro as the smallest drone from DJI. Apart from being smallest, it’s also the simplest one that can be put in action not just from DJI, but among the entire drones that are available in market today.

Spark is a tiny drone, but fully featured for a price-tag of $500. For that price, you get almost all the features available in modern-day drones like HD video recording, 12 MP photo shooting ability, tracking features and also pan in and pan out features. These are indeed the essential requirements for serious aerial photography. But provided that Spark is the cheapest, these are real highlights. Besides, it’s also fitted with sensors that can help itself prevent from crashing. Someone would want to take some serious notes with that definitely.

Of all the features available, the most striking is its control. Spark will offer the most basic control ever in the history of drones, i.e. using hand gestures. There are sensors packed on the front that can recognize your face and receive your hand gestures and act accordingly. Those includes waving your hand for panning out or raising your arms for a safe landing on your hands.

If you find it hard to remember those gestures, then you can also get assistance from the smartphone app which will double up as the remote control for these drones. The controls inside are simple like having an aerial craft flown inside a video game. Apart from these, DJI will also be offering an external controller for the pro drone users.

Spark is up now on DJI’s website where you can make the pre-order. Shipping is expected to commence by mid-June. It will be available in the shades of white, green, yellow, blue and red.

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