Facebook Ushering In Group Chat Inside Live Videos to Keep Discussions Close to Topics

May 25, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Live videos are a mess if going by the way people comments on them. There are plenty of comments that appear to be deviated from what’s presented, and Facebook is willing to cut them down and encourage discussions related to the right topics.

For this matter, the company is adapting a novel means by implementing Live Chat with Friends feature inside Live Videos. Those are not just the usual reply you can give as comments. Instead, Facebook will let you build a distinct chatroom so that you can initiate discussions with only the ones you want.

Those can be your friends who can be brought inside the chatroom via an invitation. Or rather, if you are interested in persons watching your video, you can opt to have them included too in your private discussions. Those inside the chats will also be able to easily switch between group feeds and friends chat.

The feature is currently being tested among closed user groups, and Facebook is readying up the feature to be made available for all users by this summer. The feature is also not the sole one that’s being implemented by Facebook to shake up its live video service.

Alongside Live Chat with Friends, Facebook is also introducing Live With, a feature that will let you perform a public video conversation with your friends. In a way, this is a public video call which you can make with screen-to-screen conversation with your friends that can be viewed by the public and be responded by them.

Portrait video streams will let your conversation be placed in the form of picture-in-picture tab, while landscape video streams will show those videos in split screens. Facebook has previously made the feature available for public figures, but it’s now being made available to all users on iOS and Android.

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