Instagram Now Curates Videos and Images for a Better Story

May 24, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Instagram is looking up to Snapchat yet again to bolster its Stories feature. The Facebook-owned app is now introducing two new features that are similar to what’s available in Snapchat- Location Stories and Hashtag Stories.

The feature will bring about curated stories from around based on the hashtag or location provided. Images and videos will be gathered from public based on these parameters and they will be made watchable as cohesive, curated videos in the Explore tab of Instagram. They will also be available on location pages.

The editor in Instagram is its algorithm, which is what threads the videos and images around to make a meaningful story. The algorithm will only be looking for public videos whose contents are tagged with a location sticker, hashtag sticker or underlined hashtag. Private videos will be available for the rest provided you are a follower of the account.

Users can also opt not to make their videos available for being threaded when made. This can be done by tapping the ‘X’ on their Stories view counter.

Location Stories are the first to make its appearance in the app versions with the feature being tested last week prior to its official launch. This will be followed by the introduction of Hashtag Stories in the coming days.

Alongside, Instagram is also adding a new Archive feature on its app that will now ley users delete posts temporarily. A private Archive section is now made available under profile where users will be able to view those deleted videos, and restore them later if they wish to.

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