Telegram v4.0 Adds a Host of New Features; Video Messages and Payment via Chatbots

May 23, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Despite the hype, chatbots have never quite become acquainted with users as expected. The lack of support for payments inside chatbots was said to be a prime reason with chatbots being particularly deployed to boost businesses.

But that’s changing now as messenger platforms are now spearheading the support for payments within chatbots, and Telegram has now become one of the early bidders for the same.

Version 4.0 of Telegram is now bringing a host of new features of which the most significant one is the support for payment using chatbots. With this users will not just be able to decide on what they want, but also make the payment for same, be it on e-commerce or with retail outlets.

The current update will let users make payments via Stripe. But telegram is expanding its tie up to enable other payment options included such as RazorPay, FlutterWave, PaymentWall, YandexMoney and Qiwi. The expansive list will sure help them gain a foothold in the localized markets where the app stays strong.

Apart from that, Telegram is also adding support for video messages with its new update. The feature will be similar to audio messages, and users can snap quick video messages by simply holding the button, which in turn can be activated by simply tapping the audio message button available inside the chat window.

Videos sent will be automatically downloaded and auto played. A picture-in-picture mode has also been introduced which will let users watch those videos alongside doing other tasks inside the app.

Telegram is also opening up public video viewing services called Telescope, which will also let non-Telegram users watch those videos via URLs. Telegram is also adding its new Instant View platform that will let users create their own templates for websites. The features can be experienced in the latest version of Telegram which is live now on respective app stores.

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