Google’s New Initiative is to Optimize Android for Low-End Devices

May 19, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android certainly has its limitations, caused primarily by optimization issues, when it comes to lower end devices. But who better knows it than Google?

Speaking at the I/O conference, Google has revealed its plans to get Android for the really cheap smartphones that comes with the lowest specifications. The project is called Android O, and it will take form with the upcoming Android O OS from Google.

Android Go is not the successor to Google’s Android One initiative that got born in 2014, but Google has certainly taken several notes from it. Android Go will primarily focus on optimizing the Android ecosystem for devices that is loaded with 1 GB or lesser memory.

That said, Google will not just have the operating system optimized, but the entire platform of apps and services so as to up the overall performance of lower-end devices. That includes all the Google app ranging from Google Chrome to YouTube.

The OS will be loaded with several features like battery saver for Chrome, and offline support for apps to run better when the network goes down.

It’s clear from this that Google is yet again targeting developing markets with its new initiative. But it will still bring added feature to the users like the Preview option in YouTube which currently is restricted to YouTube Red users in the US.

Google will be revealing more of its Android Go plans by the time Android O takes up a fully-fledged form. It is also not clear as of now whether Google will place a bold move by pipping out its own branded device under Android Go unlike Android One, which had Google tying up with manufacturing partners for its facilitation.

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