Google’s Daydream Platform Gets Its Biggest Expansion with New Standalone Headset

May 18, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It was bound to happen, and it has now with the Google I/O conference. Daydream, the so far smartphone-constrained VR platform is finally being untangled from external hardware. Google has presented its new standalone headset, which will feature Daydream powered by dedicated chipsets and sensors.

The newly announced Daydream headset is the biggest expansion for the VR platform which, until now, required a smartphone to take the VR experience on to users.

With standalone headsets, Daydream will be able to up its performance thanks to the presence of dedicated hardware, displays, battery and sensors.

Unlike the currently available VR headsets, the newly revealed ones will feature in-built Daydream standards to let users enjoy VR without the use of cables or smartphones stacked inside them. The new headsets will also be including Worldsense tracking technology, which according to Cal Bavor, the Google VP for VR, will offer dramatically improved tracking.

The first of the new Daydream headsets will be brought out by HTC and Lenovo, with HTC already having named its new headset Vive Standalone. The devices will be coming out at a later point this year.

Having all the hardware shifted inside the headsets will particularly benefit the manufacturers in improving its performance. That includes add-ons like array of sensors, additional cooling system, improved battery, and more.

But all of those would require manufacturers to give up on keeping the price point low, which certainly is the big hurdle that lies ahead of them. Certainly, buyers would require a justification for the price along with the guarantee that there are ample contents available for the price they spend on a one-purpose device.

Given that the Daydream headset isn’t arriving immediately, we believe there is adequate time available for the concerned ones to churn out more contents.

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