Motorola Gets Busy with Launch Plans for Moto C

May 17, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Motorola will be having a busy schedule ahead. They are expected to launch a slew of devices, most of which will be refined versions of their previous flagship smartphones. But they have kick started that busy schedule with quite an unexpected launch; the Moto C.

Moto C is the new range of affordable smartphone from the Lenovo-owned company that will be arriving for the developing markets. The series will be a substitute for the currently-running Moto E series, but with better affordability.

The C series will initially introduce two new smartphones, the Moto C and the Moto C Plus. Both the devices will feature MediaTek processors, but of different series. The bigger 5.5-inch Moto C Plus will also come with a better HD screen resolution, while the 5-inch Moto C will have its resolution limited to 574×480 pixels.

Both the handsets feature a 2MP front camera. But this will be accompanied by different rear-cam sensors on each device. The Moto C Plus will have a batter 8MP camera on its rear side, while the Moto C will only be featuring a 5MP shooter. There’s also a mammoth difference in the battery capacities of the two devices, with Moto C packing a 2350 mAh battery and the Moto C Plus featuring a 4000 mAh battery.

The storage size in Moto C Plus, which is of 16 GB, is also double that of in Moto C. The bigger device will be available in two RAM variants – 1 GB and 2 GB, while Moto C will only have a single variant powered by 1 GB RAM.

The dual-SIM device will be available from spring in various countries across Asian Pacific, Europe and Latin America. The 3G version of Moto C will be available at €89 (≈$97), with the 4G version costing €99 (≈$108). Pricing of the larger sibling starts at €119.

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