Android O will Make Receiving Updates Easier and Faster

May 15, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tardy updates have put customers in dismay often with the Android ecosystem. Now, Google is trying to wipe it out with the onset of Android O.

Thanks to its latest project called Project Treble, Google will now let users receive Android updates much faster, and more easily. Project Treble will accompany all those device that will feature the upcoming Android O OS, and it will help manufacturers update their phones sans need to tweak major software changes.

One of the major hurdles for manufacturers in rolling out new updates is the process of tweaking tons of software to facilitate the changes. Once the open-source codes are released, it’s the chip manufacturer who initially modifies the scripts for their hardware.

The altered codes are then sent to device makers who then make the necessary changes to make them fall in line with their devices. That’s followed by the process of seeking approval from carriers.

With Project Treble, makers and developers can easily re-use the codes for each new version of Android. This will be achieved by cutting down the bulk of hardware-accessing code by tying them up under a single package. That will help reduce the time-consuming process of getting approvals from each vendors distinctly.

Not much details are available as of how the system will work otherwise. But we can hear more during the Google I/O conference that will be taking place next week. It’s also not the first time that Google has been implementing serious measures to make updates arrive quickly on Android devices.

Earlier, they have introduced a naughty list to rank the Android manufacturers based on how updated their devices were. Quite apparently, the list hasn’t achieved its desired aim. And Project Treble is a more serious step to address the real concern that hinders the pace of Android updates on devices.


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