Instagram Takes down Exclusivity of Mobile Apps for Photo Uploads

May 12, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Instagram is going light on its stringent policies for photo uploads from smartphones. The company is now finally giving up on the exclusivity that has been reserved for the app version as Instagram is now opening up uploads through its mobile website.

Until now, the platform has forced users to solely rely on its app to upload photos from their smartphone. Users were still able to surf and photos through the mobile website, but the access to upload photos was kept exclusive to the app on the smartphone platform.

However, that has now got relaxed and users can take up the mobile web version of Instagram now to upload photos. This follows the earlier move of Instagram with which it was made possible for users to share through mobile web.

Alongside, the mobile web version will also have the Explore tab, although only a lightweight version of it. Video uploads are yet to be activated on the mobile web platform, and so are the more recent features like Direct Messaging, filters and Stories. The desktop web version will still be deprived of the upload features along with the rest.

Instagram says that the new upgrade will help users have a full experience on Instagram irrespective of the device or network to which they are tied. That said, the upload feature will also be available on the web version of Instagram on iPads and iPhones.

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