Google Makes Offline Page Management Simplified in Chrome for Android

May 11, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chrome’s ability to download pages and let them be accessed offline is something that has become a bog-standard at present. For that reason, Google is now expanding its offline features in Chrome to take it a notch above the rest.

As a result, Google is now updating its Android version of Chrome to encompass new features that will ease the task of offline page management for its users. Version 58 of Chrome for Android features several upgrade, and the most prominent one among them is its ability to quickly let users download the entire webpage.

Just a long-click will now do the job for users, as with the update, the long-click options for a link will also pop up a new ‘Download link’ option through which users can get the entire web-page paired with the link downloaded. The feature is not just applicable to links, and it can also be worked upon article suggestion on a new tab page.

Google is also adding a Download Page Later option to pages that will appear offline due to network connectivity or any other issues. The option will be popped up along the dinosaur image for those pages, and Chrome will automatically pull out the downloaded page once when online.

Also, Chrome now makes it easier to view offline pages by putting up a new offline badge in your recent download list. You can view them also when opening new tabs along with the suggested webpage list.

Google introduced offline capabilities to Chrome back in December last year. Despite arriving late, the feature seems to have found a liking among users. Google claims that over 45 million web pages have been downloaded on weekly basis. The latest version of Chrome for Android is already up on Google Play.

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