Amazon’s New Echo Speakers will ‘Show’ You What Alexa is Capable of

May 11, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon Alexa could guide you not just through its voice, it’s now even capable of showing you its real prowess. The internet’s powerhouse retailer has just unveiled its new speaker called Amazon Echo Show that finally unites the touch-screen interface for you to communicate with Alexa.

Apart from the array of microphones that always kept its ears turned on, the new Echo Show speakers is packed with a 7-inch color touch screen to guide you through your tasks via a novel interface. The screen is also paired with a 5MP camera that inclines with the ambition of Amazon to spruce up Alexa for video calling.

Echo Show will be able to perform multiple tasks like handling video calls to displaying videos from third-party services including the likes of YouTube. Users can scroll through the lyrics of songs, or watch photos, weather forecasts, shopping or to-do lists, and do even more with the help of the touchscreen.

Besides, it can also double up as a security camera with the help of the in-built camera. It’s not necessary you touch the screen to initiate these tasks, as Echo Show will continue to feature the voice-guided interface it has been relying upon in the previous Echo devices. The display, according to Amazon, is capable of delivering good viewing range of up to 7-feet even in bright environments.

The device arrives in two colors -black and white- and is priced at $230. It’s up for pre-order now, with the device expected to get shipped from June 28. Amazon is also giving away a discount of $100 in case you decide to buy a pair of Echo Show, which is a pretty good deal considering its effort to bolster the device as a two-way video communication tool.

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