Waze will Now Let You be Navigated by Your Own Voice

May 10, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Waze has offered much more than the normal computer voice for easing your navigation. It has previously offered a variety of celebrity voices to guide you through the turns. But it’s now taking a step ahead by finally letting you guided by your own voice.

With the new update for the Android version, Waze is introducing an intriguing feature which it calls Waze Recorder. With the feature, users can record their own voice directions to get your wheels stick to the directions.

The new feature can be found under the Sound & Voice option inside the settings. Clicking the feature will offer you a list of phrases which you can click to start recording your respective voice commands. A set of 39 phrases are available that can be recorded in your own voice.

And it’s not just yours, you can even have other voices recorded to make your rides more interesting. Just make sure your friends doesn’t prank you with those commands so that you don’t mess up taking the wrong turn.

There’s no option to share those recordings either. So your voice stays exclusive to your Waze app unless you are prompted for some audio guidance by your friends or family for their app.

Google-owned Waze has been constantly innovating its services to keep user interest high. As a part of this, they have previously rolled out support for celebrity voices including the likes of Morgan Freeman and Shaquille O’Neal for turn-by-turn directions. But the company believes that getting users’ own voice or of their loved ones will keep them more excited during the drives.

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