Comcast Spruces up Home Wireless Network Management with Xfinity xFi

May 10, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Comcast has revealed its plan to bolster its presence in the home wireless space. As a result, the company has come up with Xfinity xFi, a service that will let customers handle wireless networks with more ease.

With its new service, Comcast will make it easier for its customers to manage and control their Wi-Fi networking through smartphones, TVs or internet. With the upgraded service, users can carry out a host of tasks easily like having activities monitored across networks, finding Wi-Fi passwords, and also access other controls including bedtime schedules or setting up text message alerts for newly inbound devices to a network.

Comcast’s introduction of xFinity will also untangle its customers from the need of accessing third party monitoring software applications. The services are also responses to the wakeup call it has received with the entry of newer devices like Luma that comes with advanced monitoring of home networks.

xFinity will be accessible via net, TVs and also as an app on iOS and Android devices. Those can be paired with the existing xFi Wireless Gateway that is present in over 10 million homes according to the company, or with the newly revealed Advanced Wireless Gateway that will give access to gigabit speeds. The device will be available for a lease price of $10 per month.

Apart from that, Comcast has also revealed its partnership with Plume, the first product of which will be arriving later this year. The mesh Wi-Fi pods will be similar to those from Plume, and will create a meshed Wi-Fi network automatically once when plugged in to a power socket. The pricing and other details of the device are yet to be out.

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