Raspberry Pi Can Now be Controlled via Voice, Thanks to Google

May 5, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Raspberry has come miles off its initial form of being just an educational stick for enlightening kids and adults with comping knowledge.

It’s now the base of all the DIY projects ranging from gaming emulators to those dealing with IoT. Picking this up, tech giant Google has decided to give a leg up to the micro computing sticks by handing it the prowess of voice recognition.

In tie-up with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Google has rolled out new Voice Kit that will transform the devices with a new voice-controlled interface instead of the physical keyboard and touch-screens. The prime aim is to give a push to Raspberry Pi in the field of AI experiments. For that matter, Google is also opening up access to its Assistant and Cloud services including Android Things for RPi with its new kit.

The kit will include the entire hardware required for voice recognition including those to capture the audio and output hardware for audio playback. This will add the new Hardware Accessory on Top atop Raspberry Pi that will include speakers and connectors. Being a DIY kit, Google has also made it certain that it comes out made of cardboard, much similar to the Cardboard VR.

The kit is currently being made available at Barnes & Noble Stores. It will also be available free for those who purchase the physical cop of MagPi magazine this month. The Voice Kit comes as a part of Google’s new endeavor called the AIY Project that aims to cater DIY projects with an emphasis on AI developments.

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