OPPO F3 is Barely the Standard Version of Its Bigger Brother

May 5, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Smartphones launches are following a strange pattern these days, especially those of Chinese manufacturers. They are taking up the trend of launching a Plus or Mini variant much ahead of the original version. Manufacturers do have the rights to stick to such reverse launch plans, but what makes it disturbing for the customers is when the latter device tends to offer nothing more than the one that was launched prior to that.

But the case of the newly launched F3 is quite contravening. Despite featuring a few similarities with its hardware, the newly launched OPPO F3 cannot be pitted in the same batch as the OPPO F3 Plus device that was launched a few weeks ago.

Obviously, the clearest difference is with its size. The new device features a smaller 5.5-inch screen as compared to the 6-inch display of the Plus variant, but the Full HD resolution has been kept intact. But apart from that, quite surprisingly, the F3 also takes a deviation with its design, and resembles more with the F1S device of OPPO rather than the F3 Plus. The difference in sizes should have played a role in that.

Naturally, you can expect some downgrades when it comes to standard variants when weighed on with the Plus versions. The rear-camera of the device features a humble 13MP sensor compared to the 16MP sensor of the bigger device. However, the front-cam has been kept intact, and it’s the same dual-cam combo of 16MP and 8MP that’s onboard.

The F3 also replaces the Qualcomm processors with the octa-core MediaTek MT6750 processor that’s clubbed with Mali-T860MP2 GPU. That’s a bit disappointing, given the processing powers that would be required for the dual-cam selfies. The device will have a RAM of 4GB and a storage of 64 GB.

The battery capacity has also been reduced to 3,200mAh, but considering that the display is still big, Oppo could have opted for a better capacity.Pricing of the device is yet to be announced, but we believe it not be far off from that of the F3 Plus.

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