Meet Jelly, the World’s Smallest Smartphone

May 4, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There’s no big doubt that smartphone market demands bigger smartphones, the ones that can quench the thirst for multimedia, gaming and videos. But amidst that arrives Jelly, the smartphone that has taken the U-turn and come out in the form of the world’s smallest smartphone.

Measuring a mere 3.6×1.7x.5 inches in dimension, the Jelly smartphone is certainly the world’s smallest Android smartphone, and easily the one that can slide in completely inside even the smaller pockets.

The display features a resolution of 240-by-432 resolution measures only 2.45 diagonally, and it should make precision touches difficult for those with broad fingers. However, it does feature five-point multi-touch.

Apart from that, the Jelly also features base specification that includes a RAM of 1 GB, storage of 16 GB, quad-core processor with clock-speeds of 1.1 GHz, 4G connectivity, dual-Sim support, and Android Nougat OS loaded full access to Google Play Store. The front-cam is of 2MP, while the rear-cam features a sensor of 8MP. The device also features a battery of 950 mAh, which thanks to the smaller size can keep the device running for up to three days.

Certainly, with these specs and the smaller form, Jellay is definitely not aiming to be your primary smartphone or to meet all your multimedia demands. However, it still can be useful as an Android device for non-multimedia purposes including communication purposes.

Plus, the device would cost you only $69, provided that you make the order without any big delay. Interestingly, there’s also a Pro version of the device that offers double the RAM and storage for an extra payment of $35. Both the variants will be available three color variants: pearl white, space black and sky blue.

The device is currently undergoing crowd-sourcing campaign on Kickstarter where it has already raised its target funding with more than 30 days to go before it winds up the campaign. Shipping of the device is expected to commence by August this year, upon when the pricing will be increased to $110. Jelly smartphone is manufactured by Shanghai-based Unihertz.

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