Google’s Tilt Brush Goes Social with New Share and Remix Features

May 1, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tilt Brush, the virtual reality-powered painting experience from Google, has been bestowed with a new update that adds social features along with other add-ons to add more charm to your painting works.

The major highlight of the update is the support for sharing. Quite surprisingly, Google didn’t mind to give the ability for users to share their painting works. But that has now been resolved with the new update that lets users share their work easily through a new social platform for itself.

With the feature available, users can get rid of third party services and solely depend on the platform itself to have their images shared. Pieces of works shared can be viewed in 3D through the new website by simply swinging round their device.

Other users will also be able to like and even remix the shared images. Google says that the shared images are attached with a remixable CC-BY license by default that also includes attribution for the artist behind the original work.

Apart from the sharing feature, Tilt Brush has also been updated with other customizable features that can be executed during the painting process. This include the option to manually set several parameters like color, intensity, and position of a key. They will also be now able to fill lights manually.

In addition to the aforesaid, Tilt Brush is also having new environment settings through which users can adjust their works’ sky and fog settings. The layouts can also now be manually customized, and those include repositioning of the panels that were stuck to the menu hand prior to the update. New ones are also added to the mix. The complete changelog can be viewed from here.

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