Amazon Adds Eye to Latest Echo Device So That It Could Rate Your Style Quotient

April 28, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon is adding a new rig to its lineup of Echo devices. Unlike the rest in the batch, the new device, called Echo Look, comes with an additional capability of viewing you apart from listening to you.

That’s right, Amazon has finally fitted a camera to one of its Echo devices, but contrary to common predictions, those won’t be to monitor your in-house activities. Instead, Amazon is prioritizing the task of getting you styled up with the right outfits.

With its built-in camera, Echo Look will be able to snap full-length selfies of yours or short videos which will be analyzed using its machine learning techniques to judge the style quotient of your outfits. Not just that, it can even compare two outfits and select the matching one for you based on several parameters.

The feature is similar to the one offered by Amazon iOS app under the Programs and Features menu that picks the best outfit among two. But apart from just selecting the right one, Echo Look’s companion app also features additional capabilities like delivering a percentage rating of the particular outfits.

Apart from that, Echo Look can also work as your personal assistant by playing music, reading news and handling other tasks as available in Echo speakers. Dedicated skills will also be brought forward to Echo Look, following which we would be able enjoy further benefits of adding a camera. That could possibly include ability to monitor weight loss progress and double up as security camera. Amazon could also expand its fashion retail by utilizing the stored data from Echo Look and providing suggestions based on them.

Echo Look is currently available only via invitation at a price of $200. For that price, you get a selfie camera cum speaker that comes with in-built LEDs along with a base mount that can be attached to a wall or left freestanding.

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