Combined Explore Tabs of Twitter Begin Ride with Android

April 27, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Twitter announced a major revamp for the platform back in January when it announced that it would be giving up its dedicated Moments tab for a new Explore tab, which will have more than just what was presented through Moments. Now, the feature is finally getting ready to roll out.

The newly merged Explore tabs have now started showing up for some of the Android users, and we can soon expect a wider rollout to remaining Android users, as well as iOS users. The feature is being rolled out as a part of company’s continued efforts to make people easily access news of what’s happening around.

That said, Twitter won’t be pulling the wires off any of the available features. Instead, it will only be having the already available feature merged into a new single tab, called the Explore. The said tab will have three of the previously distinct features brought under a single segment. Those are Moments, search and the live videos segment.

The Android version of Twitter with the redesign has replaced the lightning bolt icon with a magnifying glass that represents the new tab. The search bar has been removed from the top right corner, and now appears right next to the profile icon the in the app bar.

As with Moments, the top Moments will appear the same way as it was before, with a larger header image. The full list of Moments however has got pushed beneath the trends, which was previously available separately.

An official announcement is yet to be made by Twitter as the feature is still available only for a restricted community of users. An announcement can be expected with the wider rollout, which should commence not far from now.

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