Siri Can Read Your Unread WhatsApp Messages, Thanks to the New App Update

April 26, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

iOS users needn’t be bothered anymore to open their WhatsApp to check who messaged them last, or to scroll through all those unread messages. That’s because you can do them all without entering the app, and just by discerning to the read-out option by Siri, all thanks to the latest update of the app.

Update version 2.17.2 for WhatsApp is now live for iOS, and this brings with it a handful of nifty features including the support for Siri to rear your WhatsApp messages. This will be working only with the unread messages.

Users having any unread messages in their WhatsApp can now just call out Siri to have them read for you, and Siri will read out those messages along with the information of who have sent those messages. The feature can be invoked by saying any related command to Siri, like “Hey Siri, read my last WhatsApp message.”

That’s not the only feature which has been put forward, the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS also brings some cool visual upgrades. The Calls tab, Group info, and Contacts info has now been visually upgraded, and they will feature images that gets enlarged once you scroll down. The icons have also got more colorful to make the tabs more absorbing.

Alongside, users can now also delete multiple Statuses under the My Update screen for getting them deleted or forwarded to other users. WhatsApp also gets better memory as with the latest update, it can pull out the last-used lens with the front and rear camera once you open the in-app camera. Other additions include support for Persian language and an easier two-step verification interface.

The update is now live on the App Store, but requires users to be running iOS version 10.3 or above.

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