Livestream Dilutes Streaming Dexterities of Mevo Camera with New Integrations

April 26, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cameras that comes with the capability of live-streaming are supposed to make no big news. But Mevo, from the house of Livestream made a buzz with a launch despite being a simple camera dedicated for live stream. That’s because it was the first to offer integration of livestreaming through Facebook Live. Now, it’s getting better.

The Mevo camera is now getting some major upgrades that will now have its support expanded to Android and YouTube platforms. Altogether, it means that Mevo will now be able to live stream your contents across to three platforms. Those are Facebook, YouTube and Periscope.

All of the aforesaid will render qualities of 1080p video streaming. It certainly is a big upgrade considering that Mevo’s streaming masteries was limited to 720p until now. And if you decided to turn off the live stream and go offline with your video shoot, then those can be done in 4K as well. Just have your iOS app updated to enjoy the 4K recording at 30fps and with a bitrate of 50Mbps.

However, you needn’t head to the App Store to catch the update as those haven’t just showed up on store as of yet. The Android debut is also yet to take place as the features are still being tested in beta. So you can expect those to hit the store only at a later point this summer. But obviously, you can have them installed via Mevo’s support center if you are too impatient.

Mevo comes with quite a decent price tag of $399, but there are rebates of up to $100 for pro streamers and shooters.

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