Google Chrome Said to be Lining Up In-built Ad-Blocker

April 25, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google does own the world’s largest platform for online advertising. But it might just turn the blind eye to some of its interests in lieu of user interest.

The company is now reported to be planning to introduce an in-built ad-blocking feature to the world’s most used web browser, the Google Chrome. And that will not be just confined to a single platform, as Google Chrome will introduce the ad-blocking features both on the desktop and mobile platforms.

The report that was published by WSJ also states that despite being an opt-in function, Chrome will have the ad-blocking service turned on by default. But unlike other ad-blockers that bring down the entire ads in a webpage, Chrome will opt for a method that will only show the dead-end for offensive or unacceptable ads.

It’s still now clear how the feature will be implemented though. Google could go for a method that would only block the so-called unacceptable ads from a webpage. This includes pop-up ads, autoplaying video ads with sound, full-page ads that load before the page gets loaded etc.

However, it’s also a possibility that the feature could kill the entire ads appearing in a webpage even if there’s only add that’s found to be offensive. The adoption of the latter could also pave way for advertisers to upgrade their standards. As of now, it’s only reported that Google will remove all the ads that are found offensive as defined by Coalition for Better Ads industry group.

Currently, Google Chrome holds over 50% share in the browser market. The move would kill a decent share of the parent company’s income through ads, but it does resonate with the interests of millions of users across the globe. Most of the other major browsers had embraced similar moves by making in-built ad-blockers available. As of now, users resort to third-party plugins in Chrome to get rid of the ads from web pages.

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