Windows 10 is Finally Making Things Easier for Gmail Users

April 24, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft rolled out a perky update a couple of months ago that brought some handy additions to its mail and calendar apps. Categorization of important mails, display of travel reservations, package delivery details; there were plenty of features that ushered the use of calendar and mail apps in Windows 10.

But there was a downside, none of them proved useful for Gmail users. Gmail was still supported by both the apps, but they just treated info from Gmail the way it was before, sans the support for new features. But thankfully, it’s changing.

A new update is now being rolled out to Windows Insiders that will extend the support of these new features to users of Gmail account as well. The update will be available to Windows Insiders in the next few weeks, and will be gradually expanded to all the Windows users. Those who have chosen for early access will be notified to update the account settings to have the new features put in place.

Back when the feature was introduced for Office 365 and, Microsoft did mention that the features would see an expansion to other email services at some point in the future. This was followed by the announcement that the features will initially be made available to Gmail users of Outlook. But now that the timeline has advanced, it’s becoming accessible to more.

The extensive support would mean that those who use Gmail can now have Focused Inbox, which will put all your important mails under one tab. The feature was available prior on Outlook. Both the apps will also be able to track travel and delivery details, favorite sports events, search faster and more.

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