Facebook is Probing New Silent Speech Communication Tool to Aid the Handicapped

April 22, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook has constantly kept upgrading its skills to be of service to the disabled. Their latest endeavor, which was revealed at the F8 conference, takes an even mightier form to help the disabled through advanced communication tools.

The technology which they are currently working upon aims at offering communication means to the handicapped directly with the use of brain and skin. People would be able to type in straight from their brains, while the reverse communication will be facilitated by letting people hear through their skins.

The two technologies are being developed as distinct products. While triggering hearing through skins makes the most sense to the disabled, Facebook’s brain-to-computer interface could benefit the entire human race.

Not only does it provide an easier mode of computer interaction, the technology also aims at bearing a capacity of ‘typing’ 100 words per minute on computer. That, on an average, is over five times faster than the rate at which people can type on smartphones.

The technology behind the new tool is yet to be detailed, though it’s not relatively new to the tech world either. A technology of direct brain control that places electrode arrays inside brain for recording brain signals have previously been detailed by researchers at Stanford University. As with the hearing system, Facebook will be trying to capitalize vibratory signals received over the skin by using particular mechanisms.

A team of over 60 scientists and engineers are currently working on the project inside its secretive Building 8 research lab. The company is currently under the process of developing the necessary hardware and software for the purpose.

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