Tumblr Cabana to Let Friends Video Chat and Browse YouTube Simultaneously

April 21, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tumblr is stepping onto video chatting with the launch of its new app. Called Cabana, this new video chatting app from the house of Tumblr is not just for video chats, but it also lets group YouTube browsing among friends.

The primary aim of the app still remains video chatting, but Cabana doesn’t degrade the group video viewing trait for that matter. Video chats can be initiated by anyone using rooms, and up to six members can be added to a group video call inside the room at a time.

Once the room is created, anyone inside the room will be able to browse through YouTube videos in-app and select one for sharing. The video selected will start playing for the entire room so that everyone can watch it together alongside chatting with each other.

Despite being a part of the Tumblr brand, Cabana has been tailored to be completely distinct. There is no means of linking to Tumblr inside Cabana, though it seems a possibility at a later stage. That said, adding new friends for a chat means that you will have to add them through your phone contact. This in particular also deviates from Tumblr, which focuses on threading together strangers with shared interests.

This can be partly matched with the fact that Cabana didn’t see its birth inside the walls of Tumblr. Instead, it got originated through a Yahoo incubator, following which Tumblr Founder and CEO found interest in the app after watching the demo.

Cabana is currently available only on iOS, but it will be heading out to Android next month. The app is available only in US.

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