HTC’s Upcoming Flagship to be the World’s Most ‘Squeezed Smartphone’

April 21, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

HTC is one company that certainly appears to have lost its charm. Its effort to make a bounce back got miserably awkward with the HTC 10 flagship, and it only got followed through with the U Ultra smartphone that was revealed this year. But they are yet not giving up, as the Taiwanese manufacturers are now prepping up their next flagship launch, the HTC U.

A teaser of the upcoming launch was revealed by HTC with an image and a short video that reveals the glimpses of its upcoming flagship. Accordingly, the device will be revealed on May 16th at 2PM in Taipei (May 15th 11:00pm Pacific Time)

The HTC U is quite the very device that was earlier rumored as the HTC Ocean. But there is this one addition that has come out of the blues, and it’s the so-called ‘squeezable frames’. While that’s not the official name for it yet, we would like to call it that way based on the teases which says ‘Squeeze for the brilliant.’

The smartphone has also been depicted as squeezed from the sides on its frame. That certainly is the biggest hint HTC has dropped, and we can expect the device to feature frames that will be pressure sensitive. This will be similar to the one used by Apple in its iPhone devices under the 3D Touch name, but instead of having them on the display, HTC has opted to embed the sensors across the frame.

Users can squeeze the frames to invoke various actions on the device, and those will be activated based on how much they squeeze their device. Presumably, most of the actions will be focused for in-app services unlike in iPhone, which offers universally across all apps and screens including in app shortcuts.

Apart from the squeezable frame, HTC is also rumored to feature a Snapdragon 835 chipset, 64 GB/128 GB storage, 4 GB/6 GB RAM and 3000 mAh battery, all under a 5.5-inch display of QHD resolution. The device will also have Android 7.1 Nougat OS out of the box.

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