Snapchat Launches 3D Lens Features with a Dash of Augmented Reality

April 20, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook has been constantly shooting arrows at Snapchat in the form of Stories, and as a reply Snapchat is now adding a new feature which should excite everyone. With its latest update, Snapchat is blending its prowess in augmented reality with the much favored lenses feature to add glitters to the videos captured using the app.

Called 3D World Lenses, the new feature is pretty similar to the selfie Lenses feature that has been made available previously, except for that it comes exclusive to the rear-camera snaps. Filters can be triggered by tapping the screen lightly and activating the horizontal grid over the camera view.

Once activated, a series of filters can be accessed by tapping on the screen, and it now includes a rainbow, a series of animated words and other several Easter- themed lenses. The list is cramped as of now, but you can expect it to get inflated in the near future.

The applied lenses will float around the video like animated stickers so that it stays true to the lively environment captured using the in-app rear-cam. They can also be resized by using your hands, just like the way you do it for adjusting emoji and brush sizes. Snapchat will also guide you through this process for the first-time with the help of an on-screen hand.

The new feature, which was initially rumored earlier this year, comes as a fitting response to the expansion of Stories feature of Facebook, which has been aggressively expanding the feature with updates on the parent platform along with Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.


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