YouTube has a Hidden Dark Mode to Soothe Your Eyes

April 17, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You might have already bumped upon some of the third-party services offered to YouTube that turns the entire display except the video to black. But those require an external plugin/add-on installed, and most of them might not appeal to normal YouTube surfers. However, if you are still interested in viewing videos without being disturbed by the stuff around, you can now switch to a new dark mode that is officially provided by YouTube.

The feature has been kept hidden by Google for some reasons, so you might have to undergo some tweaks before you can have the dark mode enabled. The first and foremost thing required is to have the Chrome browser updated to the latest version. That said, the dark mode won’t be available on any other browser except Google Chrome.

Once you have your browser update, just head to the browser’s Developer Tools after logging in to your YouTube account. To do so, just hit the Ctrl + Shift + I keys after visiting the YouTube page and logging in. On Mac, there’s a slight difference in the shortcut, and users will have to hit the Command + Option + I keys to activate the developer tools.

Hitting the shortcut will open up a new right panel, under which you can find a Console tab. Click the tab, and type in the code “document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE” at the input box bottom that can be found at the bottom of the tab. Hit enter, close the panel, and just refresh the site, that would do the trick.

To enable the dark mode, you can click the profile button on the YouTube page that will now present you more options than before. Among the list, you can find the dark mode which be toggled to make all the background objects go dark while watching a video.

Google hasn’t officially announced its new feature, which indicates that the feature is still being tested among its users for feedback. Users will have to take note that the feature automatically reverts to the default state, i.e. with the dark mode option hidden, once Chrome is restarted. So it would be better if you note down the developer tool code if you find the feature to be a good one.

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