Here’s How to Get the Entire History of Your Conversation Eavesdropped by Alexa

April 17, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Whether you admit it or not, personal assistants always give birth to a privacy concern. That’s because they have their ears turned on 24×7. While it can still be bypassed by turning its ears off, no one finds a point doing so with a personal assistant which you would like to wake up almost every time.

Alexa, being one of the hottest personal assistants present today in the market, too raises this very concern of being heard. The worst part is that it even keeps a track record of it, not just on the physical storage available within the device, but also on its Amazon servers.

But thankfully, it also offers its users to check out the entire audio data it has stored. Not many might be aware of this, but checking them is as simple as it could get. To access them, all you have to do is to enter the settings through your Alexa companion app on your smartphone, and head to the History section. There, you can find all the audio recordings made by the digital assistant, including those of yours as well as anyone who has called the assistant within its vicinity.

Surprisingly, it’s not just the command-triggered audio that has been recorded by the assistant as it seems. Definitely, it’s a learning algorithm, and it should have access to more of your audio to get better day by day.

Users will not just be able to hear the audio data, but can also have them deleted from the servers and from the device. Just tap on the audio you want to wipe and hit the delete button: Alexa will no more be keeping track of that particular audio.

For those who find many unwanted audio in the list, we advise you to turn off the microphone. A tap on the on/off button would do the trick, and Alexa won’t be hearing anything as long as the button stays red. Just tap it again to reactivate the microphone. That should only be done when you strictly don’t want Alexa to eavesdrop your conversations on particular occasions. Elsewise, it’s still advisable to turn them on to unfurl its full power.

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