Facebook Messenger Now Features an In-built Assistant Called M

April 12, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The inclusion of bots inside Messenger was indeed a good move by Facebook. But the inability to cater to the right use has put the feature inside a maze, making it nearly unable for users to find one for their desired purpose.

But Messenger is making a bounce back from the downfall now with the introduction of its digital assistant, which is simply called M. Facebook’s digital assistant is no different from the rest, and is particularly aimed at helping users by feeding them with what it thinks would be apt according to the conversation. However, it is limited within the bounds of Messenger right now.

M can suggest you a host of actions it can perform on your behalf like sending stickers, initiating payments, share locations, trigger polls in group, etc. All of those would pop up with the M purely based on conversations, and users can choose whether to put those to action or to skip them.

Skipping them would better equip M for future since being a personalized AI. That said, if you keep skipping the payment option, M will seldom show the suggestion in future. Particular suggestions can also be turned off manually through settings.

Apart from the aforesaid feature, M will also aid you with getting a ride through Uber and Lyft. The extension of the AI support to third party services is a big indication that Facebook could pan out an expansion of its AI in future.

M is currently being launched for both iOS and Android users in US. The service will soon be expanded globally. Facebook has been experimenting M since 2015, and as a standalone feature until now. A restricted group of users could ask for suggestions from M, and the AI will make use of its vast input to respond to those.

In case the AI fails to respond by itself, the queries will be redirected to a team of humans who monitor and send back the right suggestions. With the expansion to Messenger, M will now have a broader audience to get better equipped and evolved over time.

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