Pebble Gets Offline Support to Let You Hop through Server Blackouts

April 11, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Fitbit’s acquisition of Pebble has raised concerns among many of the dedicated users of the latter. Fitbit has assured software support throughout 2017, but that wasn’t enough to cool those concerns. However, the company has now decided to offer prolonged support by letting users untie their smartwatches from the cloud services.

The latest update for Pebble’s companion app has added offline support that unties the device from its sole dependency over cloud services. This should not just let the devices run smoothly post the closure of software support, but will also let users skip past server issues if any.

Until now, Pebble had been hitched with cloud services alone that made it difficult for the functioning of the device and native apps to operate normally without the access to online servers. The effective use of the offline support means that users can have their apps side-loaded to keep the watch ticking.

Users will also be able to skip the log-in process and install the latest watch firmware including language packs. Apps installed in the smartphones will also be able to give the go ahead to Pebble smartwatches in case if it fails to reach the authentication servers.

Despite the addition of online support, Pebble smartwatches will still be stumbling upon various hurdles along its forward path. These include drop of support for various features including dictation and weather services. Fitbit hasn’t yet revealed any bypass measures for that yet. Apart from that, the update also kicks out the ability to contact customer support and ask new features from the companion app.

The update is now live for iOS devices, and will soon show up for Android devices as well.

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