Google Planning to Merge Home with Its Wi-Fi Router

April 11, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s developer conference last year witnessed the launch of two hardware products from the tech behemoth- Google Home – the Amazon Echo rival, and its mesh networking router, the Google Wi-Fi. Now, nearly one year since its official debut, the company is planning to merge the two.

The reason is apparently clear: to take on the success of Amazon Echo. Google has revealed Home as a rival to Echo, but it still hasn’t quite caught up with people like how its rival did. And now it believes that equipping the personal assistant speaker with Wi-Fi networking would better its chances to have a command over Echo devices.

Apart from that, Google would also gain the advantage of having its Wi-Fi router distinguished from the rest in the market. That said, this would also bring the Assistant functionality to Wi-Fi device for the first time. It’s not a surprise, as Google has already revealed that its personal assistant would gradually expand to other IoT devices.

An area of concern for the new device would be its pricing. Google Home was priced at a fairly reasonable range of under $150, while the mesh networking router pecks the $300 mark for the three-component bundle. Google will certainly require at least two devices bundled to make the most of its mesh-networking, and that would certainly shoot up the price of the merged device.

There is no info on that however, and we will have to see if Google will bring in a new mode of sales. As with the Home speakers, Google has just started offering discount for a pack of two. The device is also making its debut in UK markets along with the Wi-Fi routers.

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