This New App from Facetune Creator will Turn Your Face into an Emoji

April 10, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Bored of those yellow, round faces from your emojis? Then how about having your own faces as emojis? Thanks to app developer Lightricks that it’s now possible to convert your own faces into an emoji.

Lightricks, the developer behind the popular facial editing app Facetune has launched its new stand-alone app, called Memoji that can add emoji expression atop your selfie images. In fact it’s not just the selfies that can be turned into an emoji: you can just point and shoot any image that contains a face to turn it comical with the overlay of emoji stickers.

Memoji not just retrofits your images with stickers like blowing kisses or deal with it glasses, but it also alters your facial expression to match with that of the particular emoji. The tweaking is done using artificial intelligence and advanced image-processing technology, and the results are pretty satisfying.

Currently, Memoji lets users convert the selfies into 11 emojis, including heart eyes, sunglasses and horned devil. It can even turn you into the unicorn emoji. Facial images can be saved and shared across other platforms in image, video or GIF format, the latter two which can be used to demonstrate the transformation of the faces to emoji.

The app is available for free on iOS devices. An Android device is said to be on the pipeline, but Lighttricks hasn’t revealed any specific date of launch for the Android version. We hope the developers manage to merge more emojis by the time it becomes available for Android.

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