Google Planning to Let Users Share Quick Selfies via Allo

April 5, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Allo will be celebrating its first anniversary this May, and Google seems to be apparently planning for a celebration by rolling out a slew of new features. A series of new features have been uncovered, all of which are yet to be officially activated.

Of those, the most intriguing one is the access to quick selfie within chats. Being an app with inbuilt Google Assistant integration, Allo has always prioritized quick voice activation. The default text box in a chat interface comprises the voice recording button for that matter. But that could soon be replaced, as Allo is planning to offer with that quick button.

With the feature enabled, users will have a new quick selfie button that will let users quickly swap pictures with their contacts in Google Allo. Selfies taken will be formatted as small circle. It’s not sure whether users will be able to use the primary cam using the quick selfie button.

Apart from that, Google is also adding sticker support for the pictures shared through Allo. Like other messenger apps, Allo will let you retrofit images with stickers atop them and send them across. This would be enabled with the activation of a new sticker button through a near-future update. Users will be able to use all the stickers that are currently available in normal chat.

Lastly, Allo will also add an option to backup and restore chats similar to that in Whatsapp. Details of the feature are still unavailable, but we can expect the feature to arrive with the ability to backup chats to Google Drive and restore from there.

The features are yet to be activated officially, and there’s no word on when these will be arriving. Let’s just hope they would see the light soon.

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