BlackBerry to Expand Its Footprint with Launch of Licensed Gadgets

April 5, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

BlackBerry’s recent Android endeavor might not have helped it regain its lost glory. But the Canadian company isn’t giving up, as they are now eyeing for a huge expansion. But that won’t be confined to the smartphone category.

The company has revealed its plans for going out of the smartphone perimeter to enhance the brand. Accordingly, BlackBerry will soon step in to bolster the brand by licensing gadgets other than smartphones with BlackBerry. That’s similar to its current range of smartphones, which only features the brand name and not the BlackBerry hardware which once was a market-favorite.

BlackBerry hasn’t revealed the exact devices which will come licensed under the name. But sources suggest that these could involve tablets, wearables, point-of-sale terminals and also medical devices and appliances. Collectively, these would be known as the “Enterprise of Things”.

Similar to the security-oriented smartphones that run Android OS, each of the new devices will bear tech and codes from BlackBerry to make it more secure than the rest. This would include end-to-end encryption and software for the manufactured devices. BlackBerry is working to get contract accorded with a wide range of manufacturers for its new mission.

The licensing strategy follows its previous move to license its phones, which was purchased by TCL last year. The recent phones, DTEK50 and DTEK 60 were both manufactured by TCL using the parts of Alcatel Idol 4. The company hasn’t revealed any other information, or when exactly we will have its first licensed non-smartphone device.

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