Telegram Adds Voice Calling Feature with an Intriguing Verification System

April 4, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There aren’t many messaging or chat apps left that haven’t got upgraded to include voice call feature, you might think. But then you bump on to Telegram to see yourself get muddled up. That’s because despite its vigorous attempt to play catch up with leaders in space like WhatsApp and Messenger, Telegram still hasn’t considered giving an option of voice call through its app to its users. But that, thankfully, is changing.

The company has finally decided to rollout an update that will add voice call feature to the app. Calls can be made free of cost either through WiFi or through mobile data. To ensure better voice quality, Telegram says that it has adopted peer-to-peer technology for calls whenever it’s available.

Servers will only be used if p2p is not available. Relying on the server for calls won’t be disappointing either, says the company explaining that the company is currently expanding the server network to ensure better connectivity in remote locations.

Apart from the voice call addition, Telegram has also added a curious security feature: emoji verification. The new verification system has been made simpler over the existing one that was introduced back in 2013 with the introduction of modern-day emojis for verification

With emoji verification, Telegram will offer a series of emojis when a voice call is initiated, and users will have to verify that the codes are same on both of the callers’ screen. Similar to other messaging apps, this would ensure 100% security for the calls made between the parties.

Telegram also now gets a new data optimizer option to use less data, which can also be carried over to the calls feature. You can download/update Telegram from App Store for iOS and from Play Store for Android.

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