Google Calendar Goes Native on iPad with the Launch of New App

April 4, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has been following a bizarre way of keeping itself away from optimizing its calendar app for iPads. But now that the Mountain View Company is planning for an overhaul with new batch of GSuite apps for iOS platforms, the long-term ignorance has started fading away.

The company has just started rolling out the new Google Calendar app for iPad that has been specially optimized for the bigger device. Google Calendar was still available for iPad devices until now in the form of the app available in the App Store. But it just wasn’t optimized for the bigger tablet devices and was designed to be used on iPhones.

But with that fixed, users can now make use of the new Calendar app to enjoy features that are absent even in their native calendar app offered by Apple. Those include the ability to find time and room to conduct meetings with the persons in their organizations based on their availability.

Users can also use the calendar app to set goals for which the app will automatically allot time by re-scheduling the works using its smart intelligence. Events and schedules registered in the calendar app can also be shared across other Google Services.

Events and other details stored in the calendar can also be searched from the home screen using the Spotlight Search in iPad. Alongside, a new widget is also being introduced, called the Today View widget which will display all the upcoming meetings through the Notification Center and lock screen. The widget won’t be active during the launch, and will be made available through an upcoming update.

You can get the new Calendar app for iPad here.

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