Andy Rubin’s Essential will Get Rid of Bezels More than You Think

April 1, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After two years since his departure from Google, Andy Rubin, the Android creator, is making the return with a smartphone which we can call for now as the ‘Essential’ smartphone. Not that it will be including all the essential features you require, but it’s just that his 40-member team working behind smartphone and AI powered hardware is reported to be christened Essential.

Rubin’s plan for a new high-end device was initially rumored a few months back, but now it’s becoming official with Andy Rubin himself tweeting out a teaser image of the upcoming high-end device from Essential. The tweet reveals little about the device, but shows out the portion of its display revealing that it would be embracing the bezel-less trend.

But unlike Samsung and LG devices, which retains top portion to an extent, Essential’s new device features a very narrow bezel similar to the one we have seen in Mi Mix. However, only the top portion has been revealed, and it needs to be seen whether the bottom side will feature a thicker bezel to compensate the narrowed top portion.

The image also teases the notification bar, which pretty much resembles the font used in Android. Reports also suggest that the device will be including high-end materials along with ability to gain new hardware over time. Apparently, it will also be boasting AI features like it was hinted by Rubin before. The teased smartphone will be among the first batch of consumer hardware launched by Essential along with other products that will be tailored for smart home technology.

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