Opera Mini for Android Goes Smart with New Download Feature and More

March 31, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Opera Mini web browser has been the perfect escort for all the data-savvy surfers for these years. Now, it’s getting its services for those dedicated users enriched by rolling out a new update that adds more than a couple of nifty features.

Like said before, Opera has been always providing the aid and abet for data conscious users. Its latest update should further whet the appetite of those users as it comes with reworked compression technology, which will help in compressing the offline pages to more extent.

As per the official description, Opera Mini will now compress offline pages to as little as 10% of its original size. The company says that the new compression is achieved by avoiding ‘unwanted frills’ while retaining the essential components of a page.

Another notable feature is the addition of new feature in Extreme data savings mode that will automatically scan for direct download links from web pages. The contents available for download from the sites will be displayed through a drop-down right menu, thus letting users save data by downloading the contents directly instead of loading unnecessary data from those pages.

As of now, the feature is compatible with numerous mp3, movie download sites as well as social media sites including Facebook. The list will be expanded in the coming days.

The update also refines the newsfeed feature in the browser by roping in artificial-intelligence. News feed will now include news according to the reading habits of the user, which should help users go through the exact news they are looking for. The feature is only under testing, and is available only in select regions.

Besides, Opera’s latest update also adds a new notification bar for Facebook that can be added to the app drawer if logged in to Facebook through the browser. The download manager UI has also been improved along with other bug fixes in the update. Users can get the latest version of Opera Mini  here.

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