Google Reportedly Working on a New Social App for Collaborative Picture Editing

March 31, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple won’t be the sole tech behemoth to introduce social photo editing app, it seems. Google too is likely to join the bandwagon with a social app for picture editing. And if reports are to be believed, work on the app has already got cracking.

The unnamed app, which is currently being experimented along with other apps will incorporate many of the features that will be present in Apple’s Clips app including AI backing and image recognition features. But Google will take a further deviation by involving a deeper social angle by letting users edit picture in groups.

The app will reportedly let users create groups and share pictures in them so that the group members can collaboratively edit the picture and send them across to other social media. The ability to collectively edit pictures should be the salient feature of the new app, and this combined with Google’s expertise should make the app alluring for the mass.

Google is likely to include a host of its feature like its image recognition technology to enrich the app. Google has been constantly developing its AI powered image recognition features, and it recently also introduced a new API for object recognition in YouTube. With the feature, Google’s upcoming app will automatically identify objects in images to tag them and categorize them so as to be helpful in future searches.

There are no further details available about the app. But Google has confirmed the development of the app, which indicates a possible debut during the I/O conference in May like it did with its previous suite of social apps including Allo and Duo.

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