Google to Facelift PlayStore with the Reshuffling of My Apps Section

March 30, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has been testing a redesigned interface for the My Apps section in Play Store. Apparently, those will now no longer be restricted to select users, as Google is planning to roll out new features in its latest PlayStore update.

The update will focus on improving the interface of My Apps section. As of now, the section features three tabs for showing the list of all apps, apps that have been installed, and the ones you are trying in beta. Following the update, this will be reshuffled, with Google giving priority for the apps that require update.

Updated apps and apps that have pending update will now be split into separate tabs. Currently, the ones that require updates remain on top of the installed app list. The installed tab will now be showing only the list of updated apps. Apart from that, PlayStore will also omit the all tab and replace it with a new library tab. The beta version tab will be retained in the update.

The other highlight of the app is that users will finally be able to sort the apps in the installed and library tabs. Users can sort them based on alphabetical order, last updated, last used and size of the apps. It’s quite surprising as to why Google hasn’t let the option enabled for this long.

Google has revealed that the update will be taking place server-side. So you can expect a staged rollout, which means that the update might take time to hit your devices if it hasn’t arrived until now. The features were initially tested during February among internal developers through the ‘dogfood’ build of the app.

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