GIF is Unavoidable, and Facebook is Realizing it Slowly Yet Again

March 30, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you ask Facebook about GIFs, they would certainly reply that it’s not their thing. But sadly for them, the harsh reality is that GIFs form the inevitable part of social networking, and they are once again realizing this.

The news is that Facebook is planning to finally open up support for GIFs in comment section. The company is now carrying out tests for GIF supports in the comments section. This would the next big change arriving to the comments section after the social networking site introduced support for picture comments a few years back.

Facebook has frequently condemned addition of GIFs in their news feed despite the rest vastly opening up support for the animated imageries. The reason was that it created distraction from their main news feed. But that distraction was visible when they introduced auto-play support for videos, following which there was huge demand for introduction of GIFs.

Apparently, the company did surrendered to those demands, but they still kept the GIFs reserved for pages and ads. Despite the restriction, GIFs was an instant hit in Facebook, and it took a mighty share in the news feeds of users. The same realization is what’s happening now again with Facebook launching the GIF support for comment section.

Reports indicate that Facebook will initially introduce GIF support in comments in a manner similar to that of Messenger, through third-party services. Chances of Facebook opening up a direct upload for GIFs in comments cannot be ruled out either. And if that’s what bound to happen, we can certainly


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