Long-Forgotten Tweetdeck Might Soon Get a Paid Upgrade

March 27, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tweetdeck used to be the most popular platform for handling all your Twitter activities a few years back. It still is, but only among the hardcore, dedicated users who are unwilling to leave the deck. But as with the rest, Tweetdeck really isn’t a preferred option, majorly due to the lack of any upgrade in the recent years. But apparently, Twitter has decided it’s time to give a change.

A new survey from the social networking service is now indicating that Tweetdeck will finally adding some new features that could enrich the overall experience. A series of new options have been included in the survey to know whether users would be willing to see them enabled in Tweetdeck.

Those include features like advanced charts, detailed analytics of followers, alerts for breaking news, color scheme management, multiple account switching and many more. The survey was made available for the power users of Tweetdeck. Interestingly, users are also being asked if they would be willing to pay a fee to enjoy the features.

Twitter has added multiple subscription fees like $4.99 and $19.99 per month. Apparently, this would make Tweetdeck the first ever service from Twitter to include paid subscription services if they eventually decide to introduce the features with a charge.

That’s a big upgrade for a service that has been left ignored for quite a time. Tweetdeck was acquired by Twitter back in 2011, and ever since it has been dying a slow death because of Twitter’s apparent disinterest in Twitter clients. The last update it received was in 2012, and the following years witnessed a period of complete inactivity in terms of upgrades. Twitter has also dropped many support and features including the shutdown of the native Windows client.

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