Hangouts is Killing Text Message Support, as It Wants to be the Complete Slack Rival

March 27, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has already done the spadework for transforming the Hangouts app into a Slack-alike platform. Now it just has to do the simple tweaks to get the work done, which it has began by dropping the support for text messaging in Hangouts.

Google has now revealed that the support for text messaging in Hangouts will no longer be available from May 22 through an email sent to the G Suite developers. Accordingly, users will be prompted to switch to an alternate app to continue using their SMS services.

The warning message will start popping up as early as March 27th in the Hangouts app. Users will be forced to select another installed app for SMS, and in case if they are missing one, they will be guided to Play Store to get one.

The move is not a surprise as Google has earlier hinted its overhaul works by revamping the Google Messenger app as Android Messages, which post May 22 will be the primary SMS communication tool from Google.

The move has been incorporated to transform Hangouts app as a workspace communication tool similar to Slack. While dropping text message support sounds disappointing, it shouldn’t be a massive upset as Google already offers a host of communication tools including one for SMS.

The killing of text message support will also be carried over to Google Voice, through which users won’t be able to send or receive carrier SMS post May 22. However, they will still be able to continue sending SMS using their Google Voice number.

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