Facebook Testing New Bubble-Styled Interface for Comments

March 25, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook, in past, has irritated us by introducing design revamps quite frequently in its interface. But the recent few years have witnessed a quite period. But that never meant Facebook has given up on its design overhauls.

The latest overhaul comes for the comments section, which for the first time since its inception gets a visually discernible overhaul. Instead of the presenting the texts in a plain interface, Facebook is now displaying comments inside a Messenger-styled bubble layout.

Each comment will appear inside separate bubbles, including replies which will be pushed more towards the center under the original comments. The appearance looks pretty much like a chat window interface, except for that your comments won’t be appearing from the opposite side of the other comments.

Facebook is only testing the feature right now among users, and it’s being tested not on its web version either. The tests are confined to limited number of users using the mobile app version, both on Android and on iOS. That should be good, as the revamped comments’ interface is not being warmly received among the users who are experiencing the overhaul.

While it still looks visually good, as whole, the comments look quite cluttered. The current interface, which is plain, does manage to keep the users engaged through the comments. And if Facebook is aiming for the same with its revamp, we don’t believe this to be a necessary one. Like said before, the interface is only being tested, so there are chances that it might not be seeing the light forever.

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