VAIO Makes Android Foray with New Phone A

March 23, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sony is apparently a brand with no formal rivals in the smartphone segment now. It’s range of devices battle for its own survival and not to compete with the rest. But it now appears that there could be one bitter rival that could taunt the Japanese company.

VAIO is the one we are talking about, the very Sony-owned brand that rolled out much-beloved laptops and convertibles in the previous era. But that’s a bygone story with Sony selling the brand to a separate management back in 2014. And now, its ex-brand is coming up with Android device to compete with its former parent-company directly for the first time.

Phone A is the new device that has been announced by VAIO. If you remember, it’s not for the first time that VAIO is releasing a smartphone of its own. Back in 2015, it showed up with the Phone Biz, a decently powered mid-range smartphone that however packed Windows Mobile OS. Things are different this time, as VAIO’s Phone A now packs pretty much the stock version of Android.

Specs wise, the Phone A is almost a twin brother of Phone Biz. The new entry packs a 5.5-inch HD display with 3 GB RAM and Snapdragon 617 processor, all of which were featured in the Phone Biz as well. The design of both the smartphones has also been kept same. The notable addition is the support for dual-SIM in Phone A. It’s still the jump to Android that makes the highlight.

VAIO is releasing the new device only in Japan, which makes its battle with Sony more interesting. Japan is one of the very few remaining markets for Sony where it smartphones hold a significant share. The company’s smartphone devices account to 12% in Japan, with the only device having a higher share being market leader Apple iPhone. It will now be interesting to see whether VAIO will be altering those figures.

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