Apple Social Video App Comes Minus Social Networking

March 23, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Along with the launch of the cheaper iPad and the colored iPhone, Apple has made another quite software launch. Called the Clips, this new app is for those video frenzy ones who want to up their social media game with uniquely threaded videos for the social networking platforms.

But interestingly, Apple’s new app doesn’t offer a social networking platform of its own despite being specifically focused on it. Instead, the app will let users edit videos to make social networking oriented videos and share them on other platforms including Messages, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to name among the few.

Similar to other editing apps, Clips lets you make short videos by threading together short video clips, images and music. However, it doesn’t use the complicated editing algorithms like many and instead make use of the company expertise to offer a user-friendly experience that can be customized fairly.

Clips won’t require you to have any expertise in video editing like that required in iMovie. It’s basically Apple’s entry-level software available for all the pro and non-pro editors. The app also introduces a new feature called Live Titles, which will help users create animated captions and titles with just their voice.

Clips is also the first video editing app from Apple that has been churned exclusively for the mobile platform. The previous outputs were all ported versions of desktop counterparts. That should make the experience more native.

The app will made available in the App Store from April and it will be free to download.

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