Microsoft wants to Make Your Switch from Macs to Surface Easier with its New Tool

March 22, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft had, in last December, revealed that the popularity for Surface was at a high, with more users switching from Macs to Surface than ever before. The company also reported revenue growth for Surface devices, though without revealing the figures.

Now, they have decided to carry forward this ‘switching process’ with a new tool that should make things easier for those deciding to switch from their Mac to a new Surface device. Called the Mac to Surface Assistant, this new tool will help you easily transfer your files to the new device without any hassles.

The good part of having the new tool is its easy interface, which gets things done without any complex procedures. Once the initial setups are done, users will be directly guided to the explorer tab with which users can select the files they want to transfer from their Mac. Once selected, the destination for the file archive can be set following which the tool will convert them into a Zip file that will be transferred to an external drive.

Migration assistant tools are nothing new, and users these days can even have their files transferred with the help of their cloud accounts. Yet, it’s always good to welcome official tools like this that gets your job done without any real worries, and that too in one of the easiest way.

The curious part is that Microsoft hasn’t yet popularized the app, neither has it announced the presence of the app.

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